reviewed by Neville Cohn

Lyric’s Underground

Stars of the afternoon  Maree Laffan and Valeria Gonzalez, beautifully  gowned, triggered thoroughly deserved, sustained and enthusiastic  applause for their solos. Maree’s Tangos and Valerie’s Fandango de Huelva  were  high points of the afternoon. 

Initially, we watched a brief but fascinating history of flamenco via a series of  often intriguing images projected onto an on-stage screen.

Twice, members of the audience were invited to the front of the venue to  clap and dance along to a spirited, on-stage instrumental accompaniment. 

There was much else on offer.  Guitarist Jose Giraldo, that veteran of innumerable flamenco performances, rose splendidly to the occasion as did  Steve Richter, a wizard of the  cajon.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

The programme was very carefully constructed to include the chief aspects of flamenco: the dance (el baile), the guitar (el toque) and the voice (el cante).    A highlight was a guitar Soleares played by Giraldo and Francesca Lizza .